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Makeup Tip #1: Affordable “makeup” brushes!

When I first started out experimenting with makeup, I of course, had no brushes. That is until one day I was staring at a container of paint brushes and realized, “I could TOTALLY use these for eyeshadow!” & That I did! I washed and dried the brushes, and then began practicing!


1st brush: I use this dense, flared brush for blending out my concealer.

2nd brush: I just got this over Halloween and have been using this angled brush for eyeliner/smudging.

3rd brush: First craft brush I used! Soft bristles, great for blending eyeshadow.

Paint/Craft brushes are great tools to use when applying makeup because they’re affordable and work just as well as the ones you’d buy for about $15 ea.

Have you ever done this before? Did you enjoy this tip? Let me know in the comments below.



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