Let me introduce you to these life-changing products. I’m sure after you place an order of your own, you’ll be just as in love as I am with these lippie stix and shadows! Alright, where do I even begin ?! So, of course I’ve been hearing LOADS about the brand, Colourpop, on Instagram, Youtube & on this makeup app called MakeupSocial. It’s all the rage right now! Beauty gurus already have collabs with them & MUAs are raving about the products. So of course, I placed an order & let me tell you – it’s the first of MANY. The best part is that everything is $5, nothing more, nothing less. So can easily tally up your cart before purchasing so you know how big of a hole you want to make in your wallet. Did I mention they’re cruelty free?! Even better!

I ordered 3 lippie stix & 4 eyeshadows. My favorite part of their packages is the cute handwritten note. I’ve seen loads of messages in various girls hauls & they’re always something witty or funny!

colour pop haul


Eyeshadows from L-R: Meow, Shameless, Play, Cricket || Lippie Stix: Dalia, Lumiere

* Eyeshadows are swatched on top of MUAD Cosmetics‘ eye base. *

CPSwatchesWhen I tell you that both products literally feel like clouds, I’m not lying. The eyeshadows are incredibly soft; so soft that I feel like if I press my finger on the product too hard that I’m going to harm it (as if it’s a living thing!) They’re some of the softest eyeshadows I’ve EVER encountered & I love it! I’m sure they’re going to blend like a DREAM! Now don’t get me started on the Lippie Stix! Can you say, smooth like butter ?! Hello! These lipsticks are INCREDIBLY creamy & glide on really well! (Just be gentle & not an idiot like me who snapped off the top half of Dalia while swatching, bc ya know, I’m clearly not gentle enough |sad face|) I know I said I ordered three but yet there’s only two pictured…yeah, that’s because I ordered one in the shade Pitch for my mother and as soon as she swatched it she took it. So, it’s no longer in my possession lmao. She loved it so much that she told me to order her 2 more as backups (but I’ll surprise her bc I’m a nice daughter and order her at least 4). My swatches don’t do these shadows justice so don’t judge based on my photo with horrible quality. I’m telling you, it’s perfect.

I can’t wait to use these products in upcoming tutorials! I’m back & ready to roll out these posts like hot cakes! If you’d like to see anything specifically posted on my blog pleaaaase leave me a comment (or email) and tell me!





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