How I wash my makeup brushes.

Today’s post is on washing makeup brushes. I’m not a professional nor am I a licensed makeup artist, however, this method works best for me and my brushes & my opinion/ technique is what I’m sharing with you on this post.

Pretty much all I do is: mix my soap (baby shampoo) & oil (coconut oil) in a container, dip the brush & swirl until it rinses clear. You can use this technique for any soap + oil. I’ve done it with shampoo, Dawn dish soap + olive oil. This is the first time I’ve done it with coconut oil and I prefer it, because this particular jar from Trader Joe’s does have a scent/flavor.

(Sorry for the large photos – but, the better to see with my dear, right? right? get it? no? okay.)





& As they’re drying, I pick a few up one by one & fluff them up with my fingers to make sure they’re drying nicely and not losing their shape. This is how I deep clean my brushes about every 2 weeks! Please if you know any quicker ways to clean brushes in between deep washes – LET ME KNOW! This method is too tedious to do every. single. time! hahah! Thank you!!! 

Any questions, comments or concerns? Leave them down below! x




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2 responses to “How I wash my makeup brushes.

  1. Have you tried using baby wipes to spot clean? I just run the brush back and forth/in circular motions on a baby wipe and it’s good to go for a quick cleaning!

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