Makeup tip #2: Practice Cream Contouring!

If you’ve ever spoken to me about makeup, you’d know that i LOOOOOOVE contouring. Contouring is definitely my favorite part of doing my makeup (besides my eyeshadow/liner of course) and I truly believe everyone should attempt contouring at least once in their life because it makes SUCH a different to your final look!

A few weeks ago I was looking in my “craft box” and noticed I still had a Halloween Makeup Face Palette in the box, and I realized it’d be perfect to practice cream contouring with! The set itself cost me about $6 at CVS and I had yet to use it so I decided to put it to use with my makeup looks.


  1. Apply your base. I used Garnier’s Skin Renew BB Cream in Medium/Deep w/  Elf’s Foundation Brush.
  2. Outline the areas you’re contouring with the Sonia Kashuk Foundation Brush, using whichever shade of brown cream makeup, matches your skin tone best for contouring. I’m using the darkest brown.
  3. Make sure as you’re outlining, you’re slightly dragging the product down, which will make it easier to blend, later.
  5. Set with your favorite bronzer, I just used the closest one near me which was from Elf (not pictured) & used the Calvin Klein Contour Brush (first one pictured)!
  6. Voila! Done!

** Disclaimer: I do NOT recommend this method for every day use, it’s simply for practicing cream product application without having to buy super expensive makeup. **



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