Remember how I said I would post my halloween costume, but yet, never did? (As usual) Well, here it is! I’m finally showing you how I made the shoes for my DIY Minnie Mouse costume! Enjoy!

1. Gather your equipment!


(Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby with the exception of the shoes,

which are from Payless and were $10 on sale!)

2. Stuff shoes with plastic bags and|or newspapers & cover with tape.


 (Make sure you tape off the bottom too!)

4. Go to a well ventilated area, preferably outside obviously, and spray paint the shoes white!


5. Take a large paintbrush and cover the shoes in Modpodge, then sprinkle your first layer of glitter!


6. Spray the shoes with an acrylic gloss coating spray, let dry, then repeat step 5!

7. Cover bows in Modpodge and sprinkle with red glitter, let dry. 


8. Glue on the bows, give one last spray of acrylic coating & you’re done!


(Shoes have 3 coats of yellow glitter/Modpodge!)

I’d like to give a HUGEEEE thank you to my super crafty aunt who made me the skirt for my costume & the minnie mouse ears! If it wasn’t for her helping me, I wouldn’t have been able to put this costume together! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! 🙂




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