Current Favorites!

Top 4 products I’m currently loving!


1. L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation: I love this foundation; Best part about it is that it truly lives up to its name! It’s a liquid foundation, but once you apply it to your face, it instantly changes! It sets pretty quickly, so make sure to blend as soon as you apply it! It’s currently a little too dark for me now, but I know when summer rolls around again, I’ll be back to loving this product! Buy it here.

2. NYC Liquid Eyeliner: HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT FOR SURE. This is the eyeliner I used when I finally mastered the cat eye! It’s absolutely amazing! What’s the best part about this product? It’s super affordable! Buy it here.

3. Equate Makeup Remover Wipes: These wipes smell amazing! They get the job done with 1 wipe, (though I’m paranoid so I normally use 2!) The purple package is the nighttime soothing wipes, with a calming scent to help you relax before bed. It doesn’t leave my face leaving greasy, which is normally my problem with makeup removers, so that’s definitely a +! Buy it here.

4. Sonia Kashuk Concealer Quad: I’ve been looking for a concealer for awhile that I love and this is DEFINITELY it! It’s super creamy, and blends well. I know most people don’t like the translucent powder that comes with it, but I personally love it! I feel the translucent powder definitely needs to be paired with the concealer to set it and leave it looking flawless! The color blends perfectly into my skin! I’m obsessed! Buy it here.

Some of the links may not lead to the EXACT product, BUT, you can still get it in those stores!



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